Friday, November 30, 2012

I CAN DO THIS! What the heck, it'll be fun.

The first night I seriously thought about writing a book, my dear friend Denise was in town attending her son's soccer tournament. 

We met for dinner at a very popular, busy hang-out near the ASU campus in downtown Tempe -- they have the best garlic frys ever!  After talking about, and laughing about, my potential book project for over two hours, we got the hint from the waitress that she'd like to turn the table (she spilled a glass of water on Denise's head -- just kidding -- but I'm sure she considered it), so we moved our ideafest to Denise's hotel lobby.

After embarrassing her son - and his entire soccer team - by laughing too loudly in the hotel, we nearly got kicked out of there too. 

But before I left at 1 am, Denise helped me realize I could write a funny book and it reinforced how much I love to laugh!
Every time I'm with Denise, it's PMP (pee-my-pants) funny.

By the end of the evening, I was clearly convinced that I could - and should - write a comedic mystery novel, and I invited Denise to chose the name of the character I would model after her. 

If you read my book, you'll probably figure out which one she is :)

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