Sunday, November 4, 2012

PMP Funny!

Two years ago I posted on another Blog I started - which I called the Mangosteen Madam - about how I was tired of sucking wind during The Great Recession as a Real Estate Broker and teased about starting a call girl business for other broke real estate agents, selling fornication instead of foreclosures.  The income had to be more steady! 

Since running a call girl business is illegal, I decided to try my hand in the multi-level marketing arena by pimping out a health juice drink I had been taking instead of pimping out women.  Hence "The Mangosteen Madam." The health juice was great - me trying to sell it was not.

During a phone conversation with an acquaintance who happens to be a published author and national speaker, I mentioned my call girl business idea as my way of "thinking outside the house" to get through the nose-dive of the real estate market.  I laid out my expectation that I would probably only get away with running the business for a year or two before getting caught, I'd then go to jail where I would pass the time writing my story, would have my story optioned for a movie when I got out and would then retire.  It was a great plan! 

He said I should do it.

"What?" I asked, "Are you aware it's illegal to run a call girl business? And just because most real estate agents are prostitutes in doing whatever they have to in order to get a deal closed, doesn't mean I'm experienced to become a madam."

"Noooo," he corrected me. "I didn't mean start the business. I meant write the book. It's a funny story and people in every industry these days are still looking for ways to get through this recession. Give them something to laugh about."

So . . . two years later, my book is done.  I'm in the final editing stages and hope to have it available for sale within a few months.

I've just released my first edition to two of my sisters as my first official critics. So far, they tell me it's great.  In fact, my younger sister has labeled it "PMP Funny!" (For those that are younger, you may not get it, but it stands for Pee My Pants Funny).

My goal is that you will enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

As I build my blog, I'm going to share how I've gone from never writing a book before, to becoming a published author - I think something the majority of people dream of doing. So many times when I mention to others that I'm writing a book, their response is "I've got an idea for a book!" And I want to encourage everyone of you to do it!

Follow me as I backtrack on my journey of making my idea of a story into a reality. 



  1. I am beyond proud of you Marsha! Way to Go! Can't wait to read it!!

  2. Thanks Brandy! I'm having so much fun and the closer I get to holding the finished product in my hot little hands, the more excited I become :)