Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Dear Editor

Dear Editor -

THANK YOU for agreeing to edit my manuscript :)  I have done my best not only to create a story that is intriguing, engaging and exciting . . . but I have tried hard to catch my own typographical errors, grammatical errors, sentence structure problems and point-of-view consistency.

In fact, before I submitted the manuscript to you, I read it from cover-to-cover four times.

So you won't see that I originally wrote one character's last name as Fowles and another time as Knowles.

I caught that in one chapter I referenced the "boiling heat of a Phoenix summer" and then three paragraphs later described the character as wearing boots and a sweater. 

Over the first three chapters, I referenced the threat of the protagonist and her family living in their Escalade at least six different times. I eliminated five of them.

In the first chapter, I wrote about the protagonist getting herpes from a client but didn't make it clear she got the virus from the STRESS of dealing with that client - not from having sex with him. I've reworded that sequence.

During my second re-read, I discovered I wrote that the protagonist is from Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota!  I've since made up my mind and made that change.

Had I not found it first, I'm sure you would have noticed that I described the protagonist's husband as having both green and brown eyes. I've since decided his eyes are brown.

And I found several words that I wrote but did not mean; ie, one time I referred to a character's "boots" as "books." Another time I referenced the character "Grace" as "Claire."  And yet again I referred to "Pussy" as "Piper." It even confused me during my re-read! I now understand why it's recommended not to have characters names that are close in sound.

And Mr. Editor . . . I'm sure you're editing this blog post as well - but that's okay - it's your job! I want and need your expert opinion, professional experience and diligent efforts.

I want my finished product to be as PERFECT as it can be!!

MK Sandoval

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