Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's sunny . . . with a chance of murder!!

I'm working away on book #2 and feeling much more confident about what I'm doing this time. As a result, I'm having even more fun!

As I sit at my dining room table (I've migrated from my isolated home office, to taking over the family dinner table as my current writing nook--it's not like we ever used the table for eating anyway) looking out the bayed oversized windows into another gorgeous Arizona sunny day, my mind is whirling with murder ideas. But sunshine and murder just don't seem to go together. They're more like oil and water than peanut butter and jelly. Nonetheless, it seems to be working for me.

I'm also busy keeping up with the visitors to my LibraryThing.com com author chat (thank you all!) where I'm getting great feedback about what readers like and sometimes, what they don't like (I asked). As I'm working on this new story, I'm keeping their comments in mind to help me insure delivery of another fun-to-read Niki Brooks mystery!!

This time, Niki and Rico will begin to learn the ins and outs of searching for a missing person, their first lesson in private investigating. Along their journey they'll encounter new friends . . . and new foes . . . and will hopefully master how to handle a weapon (namely, a gun).

Will they find Lorna before Russell is successful in making her disappear forever? Will they find Russell before someone else makes him disappear forever? He is their only lead to Lorna, so if they lose him, they lose Lorna.

Both Russell's and Lorna's parents believe (or want to believe) she left with Russell on her own so they're no help and because they've convinced the authorities that a (clearly forged) letter from Lorna says the same, they are no help either. Niki and Rico are on their own.

In the first book, Niki knew nothing about running a call girl business, but she figured it out and survived the experience. In this next book, Niki is once again learning a new skill, but will she be successful this time?


That's the fun or writing! Even though I have the general storyline, I still have no idea where this new journey will take me - or Niki. I will continue to look to the bright Arizona sunshine as I plan my murders and mystery.

Stay tuned for another weather report soon.

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