Friday, November 15, 2013

Do you know Kristen Wiig??

I'm on a quest to get Kristen Wiig
to read my book!!

Do you know her?

I love the movie Bridesmaids which she wrote (with Annie Mumolo), stars in and co-produced! I think the entire cast of that movie could be cast to play the characters in my book!

Kristen would make a FANTASTIC (ten years younger) Niki Brooks. 

Maya Rudolph has the snap and attitude to play man-hater turned dominatrix, Morgan Snow.

Wendi McLendon-Covey could easily pull off sex kitten meets Mati Hari, Piper Foles.

And for anyone who's read the book already . . . can't you see Melissa McCarthy as the perfect Pussy Galore?? Hilarious!!

Although I understand he's not happy with all the notoriety about his . . . manhood, who better to play Tall, Dark and Has Some than Jon Hamm?? Sorry Jon but it might get you another gig :)

I even think Chris O'Dowd could pull off my gay Puerto Rican, Rico!

I will find a way to get Kristen to read my book, hoping she'll think it's funny - and original - enough to write the screen play, produce it AND star in it!!

I've got some ideas on how to make that happen so stay tuned.
I hope you'll follow me on my quest!!

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