Sunday, December 1, 2013

My first bookclub interview!

Just minutes before I arrived to meet with the ladies of the P.E.O, Chapter CP, book club, I still hadn't made up my mind on how much I would honestly reveal about where I got the ideas within my book!!
You know what they say - authors write what they know!
All I knew was the agony we sometimes go through as
real estate agents.
Everything else . . . I made up!!

I didn't know anything about running a clandestine call girl business! Or about what to do if you found a naked dead body handcuffed to a bed in a sleazy hotel room. I certainly had never shopped in a sex store for "business supplies" for a dominatrix! I had never played spy to know how to follow someone, only to watch her sneak into the front seat of Lexus in a dark, abandoned retail shopping center parking lot to join a man that wasn't her husband!! I'd never been arrested either and had no idea what personal belongings one could bring with them when reporting to the slammer!
When I started writing this story, I knew nothing about any of those things!!
I learned it all on
But the sweet ladies of the P.E.O., Chapter CP, book club were polite enough not to ask me if I had really ever done any of those things. They didn't ask if I had met my husband at the gas station, if I had ever had a real Crazy Kim neighbor, or an obnoxious ex-friend who made everything a competition. They didn't want to know if my real best friend is a gay, but macho-looking, Puerto Rican or if my husband is really as laid back as David. They didn't seem to care that maybe me, or someone I know, had a breast implant drain, or if I lie to my husband as easily as Niki lies to hers.
What they DID WANT TO KNOW was who each other's favorite - or least favorite - characters were, and why. They were curious to know how each might react in a similar "desperate people do desperate things" situation. They discussed at great length which of Niki's escapades was their favorite. I was intrigued, and sometimes, surprised to hear their various answers.
I enjoyed hearing their feedback, and answering their questions. But at one point I noticed one participant with a look of shock on her face only to find out that I might be causing a stir in Paradise Bakery (the location of the meeting), by nonchalantly talking about naked dead bodies, blow jobs, prostitution, and various characters named Pussy, Tall, Dark and Has Some, and Scrumptious! Oops! My story and characters are so real to me that I guess I now talk about it like its mainstream!
I am so grateful to the ladies of the P.E.O., Chapter CP, book club for reading my book, Cat House, Adventures of a Real Estate Madam! I sincerely appreciate your support and promise that if any of  you want to know anything else about my story ideas . . . just ask :)
But I still might not decide to be totally honest!!