Monday, March 10, 2014

Oh wait . . . that's Kristen Wiig . . . and I love her even more!

I've been a Lucille Ball fan since I can remember anything in my life. I watched her I Love Lucy show as a little girl with my mom and dad, as a teenager with my friends and now I watch it on DVD with my daughter! I'm sure I've watched every episode at least ten times! Lucy was by far the most talented comedic actress of her time - if not of all time. Perhaps until now . . .

Without sounding too creepy, I cannot get enough of Kristen Wiig! She is our modern day Lucy. 

What other 40-year old actress could pull off - with such ease and charm - impersonating a 20-something British boy band wonder??

I'm not even sure if Kristen's ignorance about Harry is sincere or planned! That's how good she is. Either way, the skit with Jimmy is hilarious and once again, showcases her comedy genius!

Like Lucy, Kristen has starred in both television and big screen productions. Like Lucy, she has a natural talent for clowning and physical comedy. Like Lucy, she will probably one day run her own major television or film studio!

BUT . . . Kristen is Kristen.

She has introduced us to her own unique characters who make us laugh - actually who make us pee our pants - have you seen her SNL skit playing Denise Von Trapp from the Sound of Music?! - and yet she brings warmth and sincerity to some of her more serious roles.

Kristen is just Kristen.

Who doesn't love to laugh? Laughter is the best medicine, right? That's why I wrote my book, "Cat House: Adventures of a Real Estate Madam." I want people to have something to laugh about at the end of stressful day. It's not a literary work of art. It's a story that will make you giggle. Hopefully, a lot.

So now I'm trying to introduce my book to Kristen. It's a perfect match.

If you haven't yet viewed my videos on You Tube "Six Degrees of Separation to Kristen Wiig," (or you can watch them right from this blog on my "Kristen Wiig" page) please do so and then tell everyone you know to watch them! I need her to read my book, write the screen play, and star as Niki!!

Not even because I want to make money, although that would be nice, I just want to see what she would do with it. Of course I think the story is already funny because I wrote it, but I'm sure Kristen would turn it into something uproarious! Ever watched Bridesmaids??

In fact, I think I'm going to go watch Bridesmaids right now. I've not kept track, but I think I've watched it (just in the past few years since it was released) as many times as I've watched the entire I Love Lucy show - during my lifetime!

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