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I'm excited to know that at least three book clubs are already reading and discussing my book!


I will make myself available - in person if you are local, or via Skype or teleconference if you are not  - for a discussion. To help you prepare for your discussion, either with or without me present, here are some questions you might want to consider.

What did you think of Niki's choice to start an illegal business in order to survive the recession? Do you think you could ever feel so desperate? How might you react in a similar situation?
Have you heard about New York commodities broker, Steven Trantel, who turned to robbing banks in order to continue to support his family after losing his job? Do you know of other real life stories of 'desperate people doing desperate things?'
Did you find it surprising that David ultimately decided to support Niki's decision? Did you find their level of desperation believable?

There are many moral issues raised in this story and my goal was not to deal with them on a serious basis. It is comedy after all, but did you believe that an entire cast of characters (Niki, David, Rico and 'the girls'), would all come to the conclusion that an illegal business was their best option of survival?

Did you feel sympathy for any of them?

Who was your favorite character? Why? Who did you dislike? Why?

What about Niki's choices to lie - consistently - to everyone? Did you empathize with her and understand her reasons for lying? Do you ever lie to protect someone other than yourself?
The relationship between Piper and Morgan is very juvenile, but common. Many of us have experienced similar rivalries in our lives. How did their pettiness make you feel? Did you simply laugh at their mean quips to each other while giving thanks that you survived middle school,  or did you get angry at their behavior? What other emotions did their relationship stir?

Which was your favorite "escapade?" Why?

This is a story about desperation. Niki is desperate to survive financially. VeVe is desperate to come to terms with her paternity. At one point, their desperations caused their relationship to crumble. Did you find it satisfying that in the end they found a way to continue their newly defined relationship?

What about Niki's short stint in jail? While I did not go into much detail about her time behind bars (the book was just getting too long at that point so I decided I would potentially use flashbacks in future journeys to tell more about her incarceration), do you think you could survive the clink? Would you become the matriarch of your own quasi-family?

Niki is a strong woman, a woman of action and decisiveness. She is one I admire and I hope you ultimately understood her motivations. She is about love and forgiveness. Well, she is about love and forgiveness to everyone in her life - except The Asshole!

Was there any issue within the book that you wanted to know more about than what was revealed?
I have intentionally left out some very thought-provoking questions about other storylines in the book just in case someone wants to cheat and read these questions before reading the book!
Have fun discussing the story and if your group asks questions you think other groups might want to consider, please share them with me!

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