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Welcome to my blog! I'm so excited you're here!

First, if the video above stopped at a point where I have a really awful look on my face . . . giggle for a minute and then click on the video to clear it!! Then I hope you'll watch it to learn more about me and how I came to create my Niki Brooks mystery series.

I'm not one who grew up writing in a journal dreaming of someday writing and publishing a novel. I kept a journal for one short, ten-month period in my life during my late teens. I still have it. It's awful. I've taken only one creative writing class in my life. I enjoyed the class and earned an A, but still didn't get the bug to write a novel. I've always loved reciting funny stories and jokes, but never considered a career as a stand-up comedian. I stumbled into this exciting new world of writing comedy fiction as a result of a challenge by another published author - am I'm so thankful that I have!!
It's been a wild ride so far and I know the journey has only begun. I've been fortunate to meet many other aspiring writers and accomplished authors. They are inspiring to me and I thank them all! I've also met many new readers who are supporting my book and who are encouraging me to continue my new career. A heartfelt thank you to you too!

For those readers who want to know more about me or for other new authors whom I might inspire, here's a little more about who I am and how I got here.

My background
I grew up in the capital city of South Dakota don't cha know. While I mimic the Midwest accent, I truly appreciate the upbringing that I had and loved every minute of small town life. There's just something special about Midwest folk. My father was in law enforcement until I was in the fourth grade so we moved a bit from town-to-town up to that point. I don't remember much about life in Sioux Falls, Mobridge or Milbank, but once we hit Pierre, my memories are clear and cherished. Unlike my husband who's upbringing took place all over the world due to his father's military career, I still have relationships with 'kids' I met over 40 years ago! That is priceless.

After graduating high school in 1977 (yes, you can do the math to figure out my age), I followed the call of the big city, so to speak, and moved to Omaha to become a model! I had moved east but not far enough east to find real opportunities in the fashion world. I did, however, do a bit of modeling (no, you will never see my photo proof!) before beginning my real estate career in Omaha. I had moved south but not far enough south to get out of winter blizzards so in 1981, I followed the rest of my family who had already migrated to Arizona.

Eight months after moving here, I met my husband at the gas station over lunch and the rest is history. We just celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary. I have continued my real estate career and of course, now hope to transition to my new retirement plan of writing.

Robert and I enjoy time with our two adult daughters, Katelyn and Kendall, and are blessed with three darling grandchildren through my bonus son, RJ and his wife Kristi. Vincent, Ellie and Anthony have brought a new dimension to our lives! My adult children have read my book - but haven't given me much feedback for some reason (I think I embarrassed them) - and someday I hope my grandchildren will want to read the entire series I hope to create by then!

My hobbies
It isn't a coincidence that I enjoy the same hobbies as my protagonist, Niki! I love the thrill of the thrift store hunt, reading (mysteries, self-help books and magazines), decorating with my refinished/reupholstered thrift store finds, walking (not running), traveling, and scrapbooking (about traveling). Of course, with my new writing career in full gear, I don't have time to enjoy any of my old hobbies right now, but I'm having fun with my new one!!

Associations and Organizations
I am an avid believer in 'giving-back' so I am always involved in one or more philanthropic organizations. I am a 16-year member of P.E.O. If you are a sister, you know all about it. If you are not, check it out online. We raise money for other adult women's continuing education. It's a very worthwhile organization and one I am proud to be a part of!

Through the years, I volunteered countless hours at my daughters' schools - yearbook chair, book club sales, PTO volunteer, cheer booster club, soccer mom, parenting class teacher, and constant field trip driver!

I am involved in real estate clubs/associations as well which keeps me in the know and out of trouble, most of the time.

My husband cringes every time I tell him I'm joining a new group as I'm the type that eventually ends up the President! I believe in the saying, 'don't just join, join in.' I'm a doer. Many people feels that's a curse. I think it's a gift.

How I got here
As a real estate broker who was truly scared about how I was going to survive the recession, I teased about what ultimately became my book storyline. I had watched a report on 60 Minutes about a woman (who was NOT a real estate agent contrary to my online interview with Karen Randau. Karen simply misunderstood), who had just gotten out of a country club-style jail after a short stint for her arrest as a call girl madam. I began teasing that selling fornication would be more lucrative than selling foreclosures (which was all that was selling at that point!). I explained my new business plan to a published author acquaintance and he challenged me to write the story. He pointed out that people in every industry, not just real estate, were scared and looking for ways to survive. Many were forced to look outside their chosen profession for alternate ways to make a living. He said I should make it funny, giving them an outlet from stress at the end of the day. I thought about it for a few weeks and then couldn't think about anything else! I knew I could do it, so I did it!

I began by reading one hundred books on how to write a book. Following my love of thrift store shopping, I scoured every one within fifty miles to begin building my new collection of how-to books. Three years later, my first book hit the market and I plan to write many more in the Niki Brooks mystery series! Check out the Home Page tab "Book #2" for an update of my progress on the next Niki Brooks Mystery.

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