Meet the Characters

The images shown on this page reflect how I see the characters.  The actors portrayed on this page have not (YET) agreed to play the role in the movie version of my story (He! He!)

Niki Brooks - Real Estate Broker turned call girl madam, aka Madam X, proprietor of Xquisite Escorts.  Niki has worked in the real estate market since she was 18. Until the spring of 2008, it was all she had ever done. But thanks to the country diving into the scariest recession since The Great Depression, it's time for Niki to "think outside the house" to survive the Recession.

David Brooks - Husband of Niki Brooks, owner of a mortgage brokerage firm.  Married to Niki for over 25 years.  He and Niki have worked together in the real estate industry for nearly 25 years but they both know they won't survive many more. Reluctantly, he agrees to support his wife on her new business venture so they can dig themselves out of the financial hole - err, crater - that they're in. 

Grace Brooks - Oldest daughter of Niki and David Brooks. Grace is a college Senior at Arizona State University, studying pre-law and sociology. Grace has plans to attend law school after graduation, which requires more money that her parents don't have.

Lilly Brooks - Lilly is the second and youngest daughter of Niki and David Brooks.  Lilly moves (twice) during the story leaving Niki and David as empty-nesters. Lilly is a Freshman in college studying "I don't know what I want to be yet."

Enrique Rivera Rodriguez Gonzalez ("Rico") - Loyal friend and right-hand "gay" man of Niki Brooks. Rico had made a living as an interior designer catering to the wealthy until the The Great Recession of 2008. Desperate to be able to continue to afford his work-outs with his personal trainer (and secret crush) "Artie," Rico decides to help Niki bring her idea of a call girl business to fruition.

Morgan Snow - Best friend and fellow real estate agent to the rich and snobby. Morgan knows a second job making tuna fish on rye at the neighborhood deli is not how she wants to ride out the recession, so she too reluctantly decides to join Niki's new escort business - as a dominatrix. Morgan never expected that someday her belief that all men are pigs would help her earn money - BIG MONEY! She's excited about the opportunity to torture and humiliate misogynic men for a living. 

Piper Foles - Good friend of Niki Brooks. Arch enemy of Morgan Snow. Piper had worked in the title and escrow area of the real estate industry for as long as Niki had worked in real estate sales. Piper finds out that her latest rich --and nearly dead-- sugar daddy does not intend to leave her in the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed, so she needs to find a way to get through the recession on her own. She decides the best way to troll for her next companion is to work for Niki as a call girl, catering to rich old men.

Vienna Vega ("VeVe") - Niki's real estate protégé turned "sassy" call girl. VeVe moved to Phoenix from El Paso just before it was eminent the real estate market was going to crash. She began working for Niki as a Buyer's Agent and was very successful. Wanting to continue to earn lucrative paychecks, VeVe jumped at the chance to follow Niki into her new business. VeVe's parents had both already died so she is on her own to survive. Rico and Morgan don't trust and therefore, don't like VeVe. They constantly try to convince Niki to cut her loose but for some unexplained reason, Niki feels drawn to VeVe - even though she's not sure she can trust her. 

Lorna Simms - VeVe's best friend and quirky call girl at Xquisite. Everyone thinks Lorna is dumb like a box of rocks, but Niki believes Lorna is crazy like a blonde fox. Lorna followed VeVe to Phoenix after her acrimonious divorce from Russell Simms. She left everything behind but her 1973 Farrah Fawcett hairstyle.

Claire Morrison - Claire is a Minnesota small town girl who moved to Phoenix to escape her parents control - and farm town life. When she learns her role as Niki's real estate assistant is about to go bye-bye, she decides its time to grow up and venture out into life - even more - and goes to work for Niki's new company as a "female companion." Claire is uber-naïve so Niki and Rico make a pact to only book Claire on dates with the oldest of their johns - those they KNOW are truly only looking for companionship.
JP Wessex - JP is Niki's ex-boss, from her days as a real estate developer. JP has amassed a commercial real estate empire and agrees to rent Niki a store front for her cover business - The Swap Shop - and agrees to loan her the necessary start-up money for both The Swap Shop and her escort business, as long as she agrees to provide him with a few "free dates." It's a beautiful partnership.

Krazy Kim - Krazy Kim, aka Gladys Kravitz, is Niki's nosey next door neighbor. Throughout the story, Niki tries to avoid Kim like most people try to avoid hurricanes, forest fires and earthquakes. Niki constantly struggles to keep her private life private, but Krazy Kim makes it her job to know everything about her neighbors.   

Russell Simms - Russell is the gun-toting/controlling/stalking/jealous and potentially dangerous ex-husband of Lorna Simms. He follows Lorna to Phoenix from their hometown of El Paso, Texas, and threatens to expose Niki's new clandestine business. Niki hates Russell and hopes that Lorna's belief that he doesn't really know how to fire a gun is accurate.
Ursula Pomerantz - Ursula is Niki's attorney and good friend. Niki believes everyone should have a friend who is an attorney. Particularly, a criminal attorney in case one should ever decide to operate an illegal business. Ursula comes to Niki's rescue a few times throughout the story.

Tall, Dark and Has Some - TD&HS is  a mystery man through most of the story. At one point he's also known as "Anacanda Man" as well because no one knows his real name. This alone should give you a good idea of some of his "traits." Niki is determined to uncover who he is . . . and why he keeps showing up in her life.

Pussy Galore - Pussy is Niki's number one competitor, and therefore, enemy. Does she find out Niki has sent on of her girls in to spy on Pussy's operation? Will Pussy be successful in running Niki out of town, or worse yet, getting her arrested?  

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